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Your project

A successful project combines a high level of quality with acceptable costs in a reasonable timing. Here is how this guideline is followed by Systnaps:


  • Implementation of custom detailed methodologies.
  • Creation of an adaptable setup repository including standard and specific setup.
  • Duplication and migration of the setup with the Systnaps software or by scripts generated from the sofware
  • Providing tracking tools for deployments in order to ensure reproducibility.
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  • Implementation of custom detailed methodogies.
  • Detailed analysis of the development transfer workload: Current Demo database vs. Copy of Prod then Copy of Prod vs. Target Demo database.
  • Definition of the maintenance application calendar.
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Data Security/GDPR

  • Data archiving/purging
  • Dynamic creation (including the specific developments and customizations) of business archiving models.
  • Guided integration of legal requirements (GDPR) for data archiving in the Systnaps models.
  • Estimate and simulation of gains resulting from data archving.
  • Consultation and recovery of archived data.
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  • Implementation of custom detailed methodologies.
  • Preliminary audit and estimate of the developments transfer workload.
  • Optimization of the upgrade planning as it is limited to the usage made of the System.
  • Control steps securing each phase of the project.
  • Etc.
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