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Our Partners

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Systnaps is always looking for new partners who share its will to offer adapted solutions to their customers. If Systnaps experts guarantee the project methodology, a successful project depends vastly of the involvement and competencies of the consulting team on the project.

A strong collaboration

Systnaps provides to its partners all the elements they needed to succeed with Systnaps :

  • A version of the Systnaps software.
  • Dedicated trainings on various subjects.
  • A secured online access to all the documentation needed (user guides + methodology)
  • Access to the Systnaps support..

These means provided to our partners will help them to be very independent in the management of a project following the Systnaps methodology. The Systnaps experts will be in charge of making sure that the methodological scope and related actions are respected throughout the project.

Become a Systnaps Partner

If your company wants to become a Systnaps partner, please fill in this form.