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Discover Systnaps

Systnaps offers solutions to manage your PeopleSoft ERP lifecycle. The main steps of this lifecycle are:

  • Deploying new Business Units
  • Applying the Maintenance Packs provided by Oracle
  • Upgrading to the up-to-date PeopleSoft version
  • Archiving and Purging data

Systnaps’s solutions are all relying on the software of the same name. This software, developed since 2005, is based on three defining concepts: a very clear modeling of the technical and functional data models, multiple comparisons options between databases and several tools to manage your system history (technical evolutions, setup, maintenance application etc.)

On top of its all-round software for system analysis and transformation, Systnaps provides tailored methodologies for each customer’s project. Thanks to their experience, Systnaps experts offer innovating approaches leading to a better understanding and control for your teams.

Founded by Jawaher Allala (ex PeopleSoft then Oracle consultant) and Didier Rousseau (previously developer at BusinessObjects), Systnaps is trusted by major French and International companies. It is crucial to us to make sure that our customers find a fitted response to their stakes in the Systnaps solutions.